Chesterfield’s Draw Reaction

UEFA Europa League 2019/20 Preliminary Round Draw

Manager Gavin Chesterfield has given his immediate reaction following today’s Europa League preliminary round draw which has pitted us against Cliftonville FC from Northern Ireland.

Speaking in Nyon after the draw, Chesterfield said:

“It’s fantastic for us to be here in the first place, I’ve gone on record and said how proud I am of what the lads and the staff have done this year and to be part of this draw is a really humbling experience.

“It’s fantastic for people like our secretary David Cole who has been there, seen there and done it over many years and never thought he’d see the day when our team name was drawn out at UEFA headquarters once again, so it’s fantastic how football can go in circles sometimes.

“The draw itself is obviously a tough one, there’s not going to be many easy teams in this competition. We’re up against Cliftonville, who have a very strong heritage and are a tough team from Northern Ireland that I think have qualified eight times in the last ten years so they’ve got a proud European tradition. But it’s a draw we look forward to, travel won’t be too much of a problem, and it’s a real opportunity for us to go and represent our country and our club there with pride. I’m sure we’ll take a lot of supporters with us who will no doubt make a racket as well. A fantastic tie, two really good clubs so it’s one to look forward to.”