Europa League Home Fixture

It is with regret that we announce our Europa League home game will not be played at Jenner Park. Unfortunately the pitch has failed the FIFA Pro test required to play in Europe. Without becoming too technical to pass the test the ball must roll a maximum of 10m but the pitch consistently rolled at 10.8m despite recent increased maintenance and expert support from a number of specialist agencies.

It’s important to note that due to the hard work by club volunteers, the VOG council and the FAW the stadium with a few tweaks passed its UEFA stadium inspection and if the pitch had passed a retest the game would have gone ahead at Jenner Park.

Our home fixture will now be played at Leckwith Stadium with details of tickets and travel announced following the draw on June 11th.

Manager Gavin Chesterfield commented; “Naturally we are all disappointed with this news but have quickly had to come to terms with it and we move on with our planning.

The pitch has become a victim of its own success, without it our club would not have close to 600 playing members and not be providing fantastic opportunities to children and adults of all abilities and ages; also the local community would not have benefited from it in the way they have.

However this usage has resulted in the pitch standard not being at the necessary grade for European football. Of course it hurts all associated with the club, but we know we will take a huge following to Leckwith stadium, as this is a game thats been 15 years in the making.”

Thanks to our team at the club, the VOG council and all at The FAW who have been working around the clock to find a solution.