European Qualification

On Saturday the 6th of April Barry Town United secured third position In the JD Welsh Premier League, meaning that this summer they will be taking part in European football for the first time since 2003.

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Barry vs Bala Away (European Game)67

Although probably an afterthought for most people now, the game against Bala that secured our qualification apitmoses this football club. Having battled hard in the first half Barry were unlucky to conceded the first goal of the game 10 minutes into the second half. Then when Bala’s second goal was scored just a few minutes later, you feared that heads would drop. Head’s didn’t drop though, instead the team rallied and pushed forward looking to get themselves back into the game. Jordan Cotterill’s goal came just 6 minutes after Bala’s second and although still losing the game It felt as though the tides had turned in favour of Barry. Within the next ten minutes Barry would score three goals courtesy of Kayne Mclaggon for two and Modou Touray to all but secure Europa League qualification. To put the cherry on top Drew Fahiya came on to score Barry’s fifth just before the 90th minute to seal the game.

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What followed the final whistle can only be described as mass elation, players, fans and staff celebrating (And crying) in unison for what they had achieved. For some of us this achievement still hasn’t sunk in (Maybe It never will) but to understand Its meaning you only have to look back six years ago when Barry Town nearly didn’t exist. In the time since then this football club has battled for everything on and off the pitch, to get back to the top of Welsh football. It’s not been easy but when has anything been easy for this football club?

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European qualification Is something I’m sure some people thought they’d never see again and others thought they might not see just two years back into the Welsh Premier league but now is the time to dream. I’m sure some of you have already tried to figure out the price of ferries to the Faroe Islands or flights to Eastern Europe as we anticipate the draw on the 11th of June! Once we know more about where we will be going we will provide more information to you but for now enjoy this feeling.

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