Gavin Chesterfield: It’s a game that wets the appetite

A note from Gavin Chesterfield ahead of Saturday’s playoff semi-final against Caernarfon Town:

It has been a difficult campaign both on and off the field, not just for us but for all clubs around the world. So now the regular season has come to an end, it is the opportune time to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers.

This year has shone the light on the hard work of volunteers and how sport doesn’t happen without them. I can’t thank those guys enough for everything they do for the football club.

But hopefully we’re not done yet. We’ve got today’s game to look forward to and then hopefully one more to mark a successful end to the season.

It’s the first time we’re competing in the playoffs since facing Cardiff Met in 2018 and I learned that day that they’re not nice games to lose! We went into that one on great form and then fell woefully short and the better team won on the day. But we learned from the experience and have done really well in the years since.

The boys are in good spirits and good health; there are a few niggles here and there but every team has those at this stage of the season. Hopefully they will heal up and we’ll spring into today’s game!

It’s been great to have the full week to prepare. We’ve had a lot of midweek games which means at times we’ve not been able to work on things as much as we may have wanted. We’re a club that believes in coaching and working with players and that’s been quite difficult for the last few weeks. So it’s been nice to get that rhythm and flow back, get out on the pitch and work on a few things.

We’ve played Caernarfon four times already this season and we probably know the majority of things about each other. Huw will probably say the same. Last Saturday we showed a good intensity, work ethic and character. That’s really pleasing for me because there wasn’t too much riding on the game.

This Saturday is obviously a hell of a lot different. It’s great to be at home and our record here is very good which we’re very proud of. But we know we’re up against a good team, so it’s a game to look forward to. It certainly wets the appetite.

It’s disappointing that we’re unable to have supporters here today. I know it’s been a tough year for people and it would have been a good opportunity to have a test event. But the good thing is it’s on TV and I know we’ll have a few people tuning in and shouting in living rooms and bars. That will be hugely appreciated. We’ve missed our supporters more than most and Caernarfon can probably relate to us because we’re probably the two better-supported teams in the league.

I know we’ll be giving it our all and I know you’ll be cheering on from wherever you are.

Take care,